5 Things To Do For Yourself Everyday

Have you ever gotten so stressed out and just needed to do something for yourself? I know I have. It used to happen a lot until I realized that I needed to take time for myself EVERY DAY. I don’t get a ton of time for self care, but a little bit here and there really helps. I want to share with you 5 things I try to do for myself every single day. Of course, I don’t get all of these things in but I try! I feel a lot better about myself and life when I do, so I encourage you  to try these with me.

Find Some Alone Time

I am a huge introvert and if I don’t get some quiet time, I get really stressed out. I remember when I was younger and my friends would get mad when I didn’t want to hang out, or when I left a party early but I really couldn’t handle all of the social time. Whether you are an introvert like me or an extrovert, it really is important to have some time for yourself every day. I like to either wake up early in the morning before my daughter wakes up, or lay in my bed by myself before I fall asleep. I also love my hour breaks at work where I can just be by myself. Everyone needs some time alone to reflect, pray and just chillax. It’s super important for self care!

Take care of your skin

I always take time in the morning and evening to do some beauty treatments on myself. I wash my face, exfoliate or do a mask and moisturize almost every night. In the morning I take a little bit of time to wash my face, put on some makeup and maybe do something to my hair. (Let’s be real though…most of the time it is on top of my head in a messy bun). It’s hard once you have kids to find time like this for yourself but it is so important. The days I don’t take time to get ready in the morning, I feel so sluggish and ugly. No one likes that. Another thing I like to do is use an exfoliator for my whole body in the shower about 2-3 times a week. It helps to keep your skin nice and soft and helps prevent ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing. This is also great for circulation.  Every time I get out of the shower I put lotion on. I feel gross when my skin is rough and itchy so I always take time to moisturize everyday. Check out my blog post, My Nightly Skincare Routine to see exactly what I do every night.

Listen to music

I don’t know what I would do without music in my life. It is so calming! I love driving in my car after a long day at work and just listening to some tunes. I like to listen to all kinds of music. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Christian music and it is so uplifting. It definitely helps me get through the day. My daughter loves music as well and every time we get in the car she has to listen to her favorite soundtrack of the week. For awhile we had the Moana soundtrack on and now she’s moved on to Trolls. I don’t mind listening to her music until I realize that I have it stuck in my head ALL DAY. It’s so cute because she knows all of the lyrics to the songs and she actually has a pretty good voice.  It’s something that we can do together. Well….sometimes. When I start singing too loud she’ll say something like, ” well that’s annoying.” Or, “You don’t sing! Just me!” Rude… but I still love her of course!


I have always loved reading even when I was little. I always told myself that I was going to read all of the books in the library someday. Hilarious because I am not even close! I really don’t take a ton of time to read everyday because I usually get so tired when I read a book. I have also found that I have a hard time getting into my book. My mind starts thinking about everything else I should be doing instead.  I have been trying to read a little bit every night, but I rarely finish a chapter in one sitting.  Since I get so sleepy, I usually fall asleep after about 20 minutes of reading. I think reading is important for everyone whether you’re reading blogs, newspapers, books, the Bible. Anything you’re into! It’s great for mental health and it helps our bodies relax from this crazy life.


I am a Christian and I have become very close to God. I pray every day and even throughout the day. It has helped with my anxiety and depression a ton and it gives me so much hope. We get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget why we are here. So many people struggle with anxiety and I really believe it’s because they are scared for the future. They don’t know what comes after this life. Ever since I have become closer to God, I know that whatever happens is in His hands and I have full faith in Him. I know that everything will be okay and that I have a spot in Heaven waiting for me some day. If you’re not sure what to pray about, ask Him to help you. Pray for the people in your life, for a good day, anything! Just talk to Him like you would talk to your best friend. The words will come to you with His help.

I hope this list helps you to take some time for yourself everyday. This doesn’t have to take 2 hours a day, but a little bit here and there is a good start!