6 Fall Jacket Must Haves

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love how the trees change color and the air gets a little cooler. In Minnesota, our summers are beautiful but it gets a little too humid for me. You go outside and instantly start sweating so when the temperature goes down a little, it feels so nice! I also love how the apple orchards and pumpkin patches start opening up. They are so much fun and I LOVE picking out pumpkins for Halloween…eeekkk!!! Another thing I love about Fall is the fact that I can start wearing a lightweight jacket again. I really love Fall fashion. It is so cozy! I want to share with you some of my favorite jackets I found this year. Jackets are my favorite clothing item and I literally want them all!

Bomber jackets are super popular right now. I have seen them at every store I’ve been to lately. These jackets are pretty lightweight so they are great for Fall. I am loving this pink quilted bomber jacket! You can find it at ASOS online. It looks super soft and I love this color. It’s great for Fall and spring.

This jacket is to die for! I really love light color jackets and neutral clothing colors so this is perfect for me. This is a jacket you can basically wear anywhere. I love all the zippers and the detail on the shoulder. So cute! I found it

If you don’t have a jean jacket already, where have you been the last 25 years? I feel like these jackets will always be in style. I remember wearing them when I was little, and they are still popular now! They really do go with almost everything and I love how casual they are. I found this classic Levi’s jacket

These military style jackets are very popular this fall. I have one in blue and it is so cute! You can wear it with so many different fall outfits. It looks great with a striped shirt or sweater underneath. I love how this particular jacket has a drawstring so you can make it a little tighter around the waist if you want. You can find it at Nordstrom,

How cute is this black moto jacket I found at Nordstrom?! You really can’t go wrong with a black leather jacket. There are so many different places you can wear a jacket like this to. You can find this jacket here!

If someone bought me this Calvin Klein jacket for Christmas, I would be super happy.  I love the quilted jackets that are out this season. They look so fancy and girly. This pink one is way too cute to handle. I could see this being a go to jacket on those cooler Fall days. Find it

  • megan beaver

    I love the moto jacket!!

    • Bridget

      I know right!