Why My Daughter And I Love ABCmouse

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I think we can all agree that kids are hooked on technology. I mean, they are exposed to it immediately after they are born. Family members are taking their pictures, making cute little baby videos of them and sharing it with their friends on social media. Most parents turn on shows like Little Einstein for their babies to keep them entertained and help them fall asleep. By the time they are about 2, they can usually operate a touch screen device.

I am amazed at what my 4 year old can do on her kindle. Yes, she has her own kindle. It was a present from a family member, and it is the best thing ever! When she first got the kindle, she was about 3 years old and she knew exactly how to run the thing. It was incredible. I was instantly worried about her spending too much time on the kindle so I started downloading more educational games for her. This is when she really started learning sounds, letters, shapes and colors.


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A lot of people will tell you that all of this technology isn’t good for your little one, but I am here to tell you the opposite. I think there are so many programs now that actually help my child learn. Way more than what I could teach her. I recently signed up for a program called ABCmouse. I am sure you have seen commercials about this program before, but have you tried it? I loved the idea of it and I knew I wanted my child to be excited about learning which is why I signed up for their 30 day trial. So far, she absolutely loves it and so do I. It really is a great program and it is adorable to say the least.

Right away when you sign up, you register yourself and your child. I would recommend sitting down with them and have them help you pick out their avatar. You can choose from different hair styles, outfits, hair/skin color etc. It is very exciting! Once you get everything set up, you can start your program. Your child can either do their own activities, or you can follow the program. I like to sit down with my daughter because we can work on it together and I can help her if she needs it. They have fun songs, puzzles, rhymes, books and much more. She is learning about her ABCs, shapes, colors and writing.  Another thing we love is that when she signs on, it says “welcome back, Skylar.” Her whole face lights up and she says, “it knows my name, mom!”

ABCmouse is very affordable and teaches my child way more than I could. Click here to sign up for your 30 day trail. After the 30 day trial is up, it is only 7.95 a month and we will definitely be keeping it.  This program truly is incredible. I wouldn’t be sharing it if I didn’t like it.  You’ll be amazed at what your child learns!