My Baby Turned 5!

I cannot tell you how fast 5 years went. I know every parent in the world says this, but seriously! I feel like she was just born. Skylar has been the light of my life and I am so grateful God gave her to me. She is so special in so many ways. With that said, I thought she deserved the best birthday ever. Five is a pretty big deal and this was the first year that she was super excited about her birthday. We had a crazy, fun filled weekend with friends and family and my little girl got a little tired by the end of it all. There were a few meltdowns that happened, but we got through it. I am so thankful for everyone in her life.

To start the weekend off right, we had a Trolls party at a super fun place called Inneractive. It is located in Minnetonka, Mn so if you are ever in the area, you HAVE to check it out. They had a ton of activities for kids of all ages. Skylar’s favorite thing was the giant bouncy pillow. Here are a few pictures from the party.


You can’t have a party without a Trolls cake!

She loved her trolls hair. It is the cutest thing ever. All of her friends wanted to wear it. Kids are so funny. Everyone wanted to be her best friend and follow her around because she was the birthday girl. Skylar got a little overwhelmed and shut down by the end of the party. She wouldn’t talk to anyone! It’s a good thing it was only a 2 hour party.

After the birthday party, we went to a hotel where Skylar got to swim, spend time with her grandparents and eat more sugar! This girl was so full of sugar she didn’t know what to do with herself. Way too much fun!

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