Back to school girls outfits for preschool

So I have a problem. It’s called shopping for little girl clothes. I am obsessed! And I also love finding deals or hand me downs. I decided to start doing some fashion posts just to show you all the cuteness. Even if you don’t have a lot of money (like me), your child can still look fashionable and well put together. A lot of stuff we have are hand me downs, presents from family or garage sale finds. I also hardly ever buy anything at the store that isn’t on sale. Of course there is an occasional item that I need this very second, but I can usually talk myself out of it.

So my little Sky Sky is starting preschool this year and I am one sad momma. Being a person with anxiety, I have many fears. Some of them are pretty silly, but I just can’t help it! I’m always worried that kids or her teachers won’t like her, that she will get made fun of, that she will be sad and miss me or that she isn’t safe. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this way?!

I will be posting the links to these outfits but they may or may not be in stock anymore. I’m mainly using this for inspiration to show you what you can put together with just a few items!

Pretty Grey dress

So I got this adorable h&m dress as a hand me down from the family I used to nanny. Is it the cutest thing or what?! If you haven’t shopped at h&m for your little one, you must! Their pants are fantastic and their prices are very reasonable. Sky wore this one on her first day of summer preschool and did not want to take it off.

DSCN0992 DSCN1000

Striped beach pants with lace crop top

This is a great back to school outfit for those days when it is still pretty warm. If it is a little chilly in the morning, you could always top it with a sweater. These pants are light weight and so adorable.

Shirt: Target

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Target


DSCN1326 DSCN1327 DSCN1328 DSCN1330

Black and white striped shirt with skinny jeans

Okay, so this outfit is my favorite!!! Probably because I would wear it…

Pants: h&m



Blue lace dress with blush pink sweater

This dress here is so adorable. I love lace, and how cute is this blush pink sweater?!

Dress: h&m

Sweater: h&m

Shoes: Target

DSCN1338 DSCN1340


As you can see, I love dressing my daughter up and she loves it too. She loves feeling pretty just like any girl should. Having a girl is so much fun!


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  • My weakness is swimsuits. I really struggled not to buy another on clearance the other day. I am planning to make a navy crochet lace dress for my 2-year-old for Christmas to go with some Carter’s boots I got.

    • Bridget

      OH yes swimsuits are just adorable! Probably because I wish I could wear it myself :)…I want to see it when your finished! I love crocheting.