Back To School Shopping- My Favorites

It’s no secret that I love shopping and one of my favorite times to shop is back to school shopping. I am going to be sad when my daughter goes to elementary school, but I will be super excited to go back to school shopping with her.  I decided to make a list of my favorite back to school supplies for this year. Enjoy!

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Markers– I’m sure you will go through a ton of markers and back to school shopping is the perfect time to stock up. They always have great deals so check your local store for those!

Crayons– I will only buy these Crayola crayons. They are the best ever!

Colored Pencils– These are great for kids in school.

Pencil sharpener– It’s always nice for kids to have their own little pencil sharpener so they don’t have to get up and go to the big one. I was always embarrassed if I needed to sharpen my pencil in the middle of a test or something!

Pencils– I personally love a plain old pencil. I’ve tried the mechanical pencils but they always break and they are kind of a waste of money!

Erasers– I love these pink erasers. They seem to work the best.

Pens– I love these pens because they have all of the different colors. It’s nice to organize your planner and  notes with these.

3 hole punch ruler– This is super cool because it is a ruler and a three hole punch! I can’t tell you how many times I needed to use a 3 hole punch in school so this is pretty convenient.

Scissors– These are great for kiddos!

Kleenex– Teachers love when you donate things for the classroom. Kleenex are always needed!

Hand Sanitizer– This is also a great thing to donate for the class. Also send a small one with your child and hope that they actually use it.

Folders– Stock up on folders because they always tend to rip. I like these ones because they are a little more heavy duty. You’ll need a variety of colors for different subjects.

Notebooks– I personally like these plain notebooks. You can put them in a binder if you need to which is handy.

Highlighters– I love highlighters. Especially when you have different colors to organize with.

Binder– It’s nice to have a binder to organize papers.


  • Gary Savoie

    Simple, yet it has everything you need for going back to school. Nice easy checklist to get everything you need!