Beauty Box 5 Subscription Box Review

I recently discovered a new monthly beauty box that I am super excited to share with you! It is called Beauty Box 5, and it’s adorable.  There are many other monthly beauty boxes out there, but this one is great because you actually get full sizes products and it’s only $12.


I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time finding a nice lipstick for $12 or under, so I think this is a fantastic deal. This box will always include 5 items. They are mostly going to be full size, but you might get a sample size once in awhile which is totally acceptable in my opinion. Monthly subscription boxes are the new thing and they are so exciting. It’s like getting a gift in the mail each month and who doesn’t love that? These are also great gift ideas so maybe buy one for a friend whose birthday is coming up or consider giving it to a family member for Christmas! I got the pleasure of reviewing a box from Beauty Box 5 and I am so excited to show you what was inside.

*Please note that this posts contains affiliate links and I was gifted this box in exchange for a review. Everything in this post is my honest opinion!*

To start off, I was really impressed with the packaging. They have their business name and logo on the outside so you know even before you open it that it includes your beauty products. When I opened it up, I was excited to see colorful confetti! I totally wasn’t expecting that and I thought it was so cute. It also came with a fun little welcome card.

These were all the items in my February box. It looks like there is a lip theme going on here. I got 4 lip products, and a hydrating lip mask which I was excited to try.

Lip Essentials Lip Glow//Petal

This is a great lip balm. It is very hydrating and adds just a little bit of color which is essential for these dry winter months. My lips are always so dry in the winter and this lip balm is something I will be using frequently. It goes on smooth and has a little bit of shimmer. It also has a good taste which is nice.

Tint liquid lippie//Fairytale

To start off, I love that the color they sent me is called “fairytale.” It’s like it was meant for me! It is a very gorgeous color and I love the lip applicator. It’s a liquid lipstick and drys matte. I think this will look great on me when I am a little more tan. I’m too pale for it right now so I am excited to see how this looks in the summer.

Tint Lip Liner//Fairytale

was the lip liner in Fairytale. I like it, but it looks like a totally different color than the lip stain so I’m not really sure why it has the same name. It is a great color though and it goes on smooth. I personally don’t think I will wear it that often but it is a great special event shade!

Jean Pierre Cosmetics//Pink Lip Mask

I wasn’t too impressed with this product. I’ve tried something like this before and loved it, but this one was broken when I opened it so I was a little disappointed. Good thing it was just a sample. I was able to put it on my lips for a little bit but there were little chunks hanging off so it didn’t cover my whole lips. They did feel soft after so that was nice.

So Susan Colour Hybrid

The last item I received in my Beauty Box 5 was this So Susan Colour Hybrid product. It is a rich mousse that you can apply on your cheeks or lips. I was a little skeptical about this product because when I squeezed it, it came out very fast and look super pigmented. I tried a little on my lips and it actually went on very light and smooth. It was fun to play with. I would recommend using a blush or beauty blender to apply this because it will stain your fingers. This would be such a great product to travel with. I wish they had more colors.

Are you hooked yet? Get a Free Glitterati Eyeliner with Beauty Box 5 Subscription purchase!!! They also have an option to buy a year subscription for only $109. That’s only $9 a month. I like this option a lot so you don’t have to worry about when your payment is coming out and you can save money in the long run. I would definitely check it out if I were you!