The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes You Should Know About

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I’m sure you have seen it everywhere. Monthly boxes are the hot new way to online shopping. Women especially are getting hooked and there is no reason why they shouldn’t! I love monthly boxes. I think they are super exciting because you get this cute little box in the mail every month and you have no idea what is in it until you open it. It is like a birthday present to yourself once a month. Who wouldn’t love that!? I’m going to share with you some monthly boxes to consider for you and your kids. All of these are great! Some you may have heard of, and the others are ones you NEED to check out. All of them are pretty affordable. I also like that most of them allow you to give it as a gift. Such a fun idea!

Beauty Box 5– This is a very affordable monthly beauty box that sends you 5 mostly full size products/samples for $12. This is at least a $35 value, so it is definitely worth it. I love getting beauty products for cheap and it’s nice to try a product before you buy a full size one. There is no shipping in the U.S. which is also fantastic. Click here to sign up. I recently did a review on this box. Click here to check out my post!

Faithbox– This monthly box inspires daily christian living and connects you with brands that do good in the world. They send you a daily devotional, inspiration scriptures and monthly challenges. I love this because I feel like there are times when my faith isn’t so great, and it’s nice to have alittle reminder. Every item they send is is eco-friendly, made ethically and has a positive impact on the world. They have three different plans to choose from so it could be as little as $22 a month. check it out by clicking here.

Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!

Little Lace Box– This subscription box has a monthly theme that is announced before they send it out. For example, I saw on their blog that they had a cooking theme, a wine theme and a bath theme for the end of 2016. There are a few subscriptions you can sign up for whether you want just one box, or a year of boxes. Click here to sign up!


Little Passports– Little passports is a fun monthly box subscription for kids to teach them about our world. Each month they send you a different activity depending on your child’s age. Check out our review of this box here! You can also click here to check out their website and get started.

Green Kid Crafts-This is a great box for kids to explore their creativity and learn about science. Every month they send you STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) kids for your child as well as echo friendly crafts and craft supplies. This would be a great box for homeschool families. Click here to see more and sign up.

kidstir– Kidstir is a really hands on, mom or dad has to be around type of box. It’s to get kids in the kitchen, cooking! It is very cute and I think it is actually pretty helpful for me since I am not much of a cooker. We will be doing a review on this one soon, so stay tuned for that. It is only $15.95 a month, unless you sign up for more months up front, then they give you a discount. This includes recipes, grocery lists and activities for your child as well as cooking supplies! Click here to sign up.

Little Loving Hands– This is a great subscription box to teach your child the importance of giving back. You receive a craft for your child to do each month, and you send it to someone in need. I think this is great for kids because it teaches them that not everything they get is for them to keep. It shows them that there are some people who don’t have a lot of things like they do. Click here to see how it works and to see previous boxes!

The Story Box– This subscription box is a great way to get your child excited about reading. It sends your child books every month! There are a few different packages that are specific to each age group and they are under $20. I like this one because you never know what book you are getting, and it allows you to read books you may have never picked out before. It also includes a parent’s guide with tips to help you teach your child literacy and communication skills. It’s a great way to get the family together. Click here to get started!

Fabfitfun– This is probably one of the most popular subscription boxes because I see it all over social media like every day. It is a really exciting box because you get one 4x a year, for every new season and it includes full size items. The items you get in the box include beauty products, fashion accessories and more! I love this one because it’s stuff that you didn’t know you needed. This costs $49.99 4x a year, so it’s actually a really good deal. Plus you are getting $200 worth of products in each box. Click here to sign up!