My favorite websites and other resources

websites and resources for bloggers moms crafters fitness I have a ton of websites that I absolutely love and I want to share them with my readers! I hope you like all of these as much as I do.

Disclaimer- Some of these include affiliate links which means I receive a commission on any purchases made. Remember that you are helping my blog and I appreciate it a ton! All of these are things I have used and recommend. If you have any questions, please ask!

Sites to help you find a nanny or nanny job

Care-This is probably my go to site for finding nanny jobs in my area. When you sign up, you put in all of your information, upload a picture and then you can start looking for families. I would recommend writing out something about you that you will post when you submit an application to each family. I think you can also pay to get your profile featured. I never had to do this because I found my families pretty quickly, so it really isn’t necessary.

Sittercity- This is another great site, I did find one of my families on here but it didn’t work out. The site is easy to follow, and it is a lot like Care. You fill out your information, add a picture and start looking for families.

Nannies4hire– This is another good site for finding nanny families. I personally didn’t find any on here, but I think that is because it isn’t very popular in MN. It works the same as the other two. Families can contact you, or you can contact them. Always remember to make the best profile and list as much as you can about yourself. This will attract people to your profile.

Where to buy kids art supplies and toys

Target-Target is my favorite place to shop. It is also very dangerous! They have so many cool things, especially for kids. They always seem to have sales and they have a ton of art supplies, coloring books and a unique toys for kids.

Walmart-I’m not a huge fan of Walmart, but their prices are great and they have a huge variety of toys and craft supplies. I feel like it can get a little overwhelming in this store, especially if you have kids with you. It always seems like there is too much to look at here. I have heard of people find great deals on

CVS/Walgreens-These are both great stores for finding simple art supplies for kids. It is usually pretty convenient, and a lot of times they will have sales. You can find coloring books, markers, construction paper and more. I usually go here if I need something right away.

ToysRus– What kid doesn’t like this store!? I’ll tell you who…my daughter! I think it’s hilarious. Every time I bring her in here, she is not interested in anything, which is probably a good things. She says she doesn’t want any toys because she has some at home. One time I had to encourage her to pick something out. I think this store is a little pricey, but they always seem to have buy 1 get one 1/2 off. They also have a ton of baby supplies to choose from.

Amazon Lets face is, Amazon has everything. You can totally avoid going to a store and buy everything you need on there. This is great for people who don’t have access to a lot of stores.

Ebay- I like Ebay for finding used items. You can sometimes find great deals on toys and clothing for kids.

My favorite clothing stores for kids

Once upon a child– This is a great store to go to if you are trying to save money. They have a ton of used clothes, books, games and toys. If I am looking at a big purchase such as a stroller or bike, I always check this store out first. You can also bring in your gently used items to get some extra cash.

Target- I am obsessed with Target’s clothing for kids. They hold up well and are just so cute!! If you can afford it, I would recommend always shopping their clearance items for the following year. This can sometimes be hard if you don’t really know which size your child will be in.

Kohls- I haven’t been to Kohls for awhile, but they carry a lot of name brand clothing and it is usually on sale. You can always find coupons for Kohls as well. They also have a small selection of toys and craft supplies for kids. They have a great selection of shoes!

Old Navy- I love shopping at Old Navy for my little girl. It is very stylish and cheap. They quality isn’t fantastic, but kids don’t stay in one size forever so it really doesn’t bother me. I think they have great leggings and jackets as well as winter clothing items.

Zulily– This is probably my all time favorite place to shop for kids clothes and toys. They have unique outfits and also brand names. Everything is reasonably priced, and you pay a flat rate shipping fee. They also have a great return policy if it doesn’t work out for you. I’ve noticed in the past couple years, this site has grown a lot. They now have womens, mens and home shops!

Carter’s– This is probably the cutest store for babies ever. When my daughter was little, I wanted everything! Both of the boys and girls clothing are so fun and unique. They also have fantastic sales all the time so if you see something you like and it isn’t on sale, wait a week or two or find a 25% off coupon to use.

H&M-I have never shopped at H&M for myself, but I heard their kids section is amazing, so of course I had to check it out. I ordered a few things from them and they are so cute! Their pants have the adjustable waist which is great for my daughter.

Gymboree- Gymboree is pretty expensive, but they always seem to have sales. If you like things to match, this is a great place to go. Everything is coordinated from the socks all the way up to the headband. My mom adores this store and we have a ton of outfits from here. I would highly recommend checking it out.
Gymboree Sale On Now!
Crazy 8- I believe this store is the same company as Gymboree and they have really cute, affordable clothing for kids. They also have a ton of sales!
Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

My favorite shopping sites for me!!

6pm– This is a great site for buying shoes. I know they have other items on here, but I have bought most of my shoes on this site. They are very discounted and ship fast!

LuLus- I love this website for dresses! They have so many styles and they are all adorable. The fit pretty well and the quality is good. I found a really cute maxi dress and I have gotten so many compliments on it.

Express- This is where I find all of my jeans. Express is the only place I will buy jeans. They fit me so nice and are very comfortable. I love their jeggings!

Lime lush boutique- I’m sure you have seen this boutique before. They do a lot of giveaways on Facebook. They have the cutest outfits! I always shop their end of the year sales because they have some great deals.

Jane- This is a very addicting site! They have a ton of stuff for men, women and kids as well as home stuff, shoes and accessories.
Daily Boutique Deals

Blogs I love

Repeat crafter me- This blog is always going to be my favorite because it is where I found my first hat I wanted to crochet. She has a ton of adorable patterns and they are all free! You must check this out if you are into crocheting or want to start. You will feel so inspired. She has a ton of natural talent!

Crafty morning- This blog is so adorable and she has a ton of crafts for kids and the home. She also has a big following on facebook and shares a ton of creative ideas.

Little monkeys crochet- This is another great site for crochet patterns. She has a bunch of items for the younger crowd such as slouchy hats and chunky scaves. I love it!

Making sense of cents- This is the blog that really got me interested in blogging. I was always seeing her stuff come up on pinterest and I realized that you can actually make a living blogging. This is a very inspirational site and I would totally check it out if you are considering being a blogger!

Sara titus– This is another great blog for bloggers. There are great inspirational posts to check out. She also has a fantastic ebook for finding affiliate programs.

My favorite etsy sites

Skylar’s hearts- This is my personal etsy site. I currently have crochet hats for kids on there. I am hoping to get a lot more up there, but as you can imagine it is very time consuming. Wish me luck!


EmieGraceCreations- This is my go-to etsy shop for crochet patterns. She has literally everything you can imagine when it comes to patterns and they are very easy to read and fit great! She also responds to e-mails very quickly which is fantastic.

Prettygrafikdesign– I like this etsy site for clipart. They have the cutest packages for any occasion (mainly kid themed). I bought a bunch when I was going to make up some worksheets for kids. I have yet to do this…ha!

My favorite blogging resources

Boardbooster– This site is so amazing for bloggers. It allows you to schedule your pins. This is great for getting your Pinterest page out there so that people will see when you post your new blog posts. I usually schedule all my pins on Sunday and then I really don’t have to do much on Pinterest the rest of the week. Sometimes it is fun to check to see what people are pinning and who is all following me!

Pexels- This website is probably my favorite for finding free stock photos. They have a very large selection and I can always find something I am looking for.

Pixabay– This website has a ton of pictures as well, but I have a hard time finding something that will work with my blog. I used this one for awhile though. It is definitely worth checking out. They have a ton of nature photos which might be nice for some of you.

Turquoise and palm– This blogger has the best stock photos I have ever seen! I know if you subscribe to her newsletter, she will send you free ones every month to use. She also has a monthly membership where you can get tons of her photos. They are very cute and girly and I am obsessed!!

Share a sale- This is a great site if you are looking for affiliates. It is very easy to navigate and is currently my favorite.