How To Prepare For Cold And Flu Season

I am so excited for this winter! I love how cold and dry it gets and I also LOVE how sick I am all the time…

Okay so obviously I am being super sarcastic. I actually hate winter time with a passion and I really don’t know why I am still living in Minnesota. With all of that aside, I have learned that it is important to be prepared for these horrible months! You really can’t keep the sickness out, but you can try and that counts for something right? I have a horrible immune system so I seem to be the one who suffers the most. My daughter has been pretty healthy in the past except right now she has a bad cough.  I am going to share with you how to stay healthy this winter and everything you will need.

The only way you are going to get over a cold or flu is to rest, rest and REST! This is the most important thing you need to do to get better. Your body needs to heal and you might have to take a few days off of work and just relax. I also know that stress can cause you to get sick so really pay attention to this in the winter time. Try not to stress yourself out so that you can prevent these winter illnesses as much as possible! Also make sure you are always wearing warm clothing when your outside. I think that a scarf is really important so that your not breathing in that cold, dry air. Remember your hat, mittens and a really warm jacket as well. See my post on How to prepare for a Minnesota winter to find out everything you need to keep warm!



There are a bunch of over the counter medicine that you can buy to prepare for the winter cold and flu season. These are some that I find myself using when I am sick. I try not to take too many medications and focus more on having my body heal naturally as much as possible. I take a lot of vitamins in the winter to stay healthy which include vitamin C and a Multivitamin. I would also stock up on Tylenol and Advil. These are the two I only try to take when I really need them. If you have kids, make sure you get some for them too.

Mucinex– This is great for breaking up the mucus in your throat. They also sell some for kids too.

Nasal spray– These are great because your nose will become very dry in the winter. This will help to keep it moisturized and also help with the mucus in your throat. I would make sure to have one for each person in the house and make sure to write everyone’s names on their bottles. You do not want to share these.

Dayquil/Nightquil– I never used to take these and once I started it was a life changer. The nightquil really helps me sleep when I have a bad cold and the Dayquil helps a ton if I have to work!

Decongestants- This one you will have to get from the pharmacist. I usually get Sudafed and it is amazing for clearing out my nose and throat.

Cough drops and Vaporub are good for coughs. I have heard of people putting some vaporub in a candle warmer and keeping it by their bed.


Some items you will want to splurge on are a humidifier, thermometer and essential oils with a diffuser. With the air being so dry, you want a humidifier to kill the germs in the air. Bacteria loves the dry air. This is why people are prone to illness in the winter time. Remember to clean your humidifier frequently. I would definitely put some vinegar and water in it for about 15 minutes when you do! Another thing you want to buy is a good thermometer. I like this forehead Thermometer because it seems to be the most accurate. I cannot tell you how many cheap thermometers I have bought and none of them work. They would all give me a different reading each time. Nobody has time for that! Frankincense is something you will want to put in your diffuser. Put one in every room if you can because this helps to kill bacteria!





You want to make sure that you are getting plenty of fluids when you are sick. Warm Tea with lemon is great for colds. I am a big fan of Smart Water because it has those electrolytes to stay hydrated. Gatorade is also great for staying hydrated as well.

Orange Juice– Get as much vitamin C as you can!

Chicken broth– I’m not really sure what chicken broth is good for but I know your suppose to drink it when your sick!



Kleenex- You will need a lot of these. Make sure they are soft because your nose will get really chapped.

Lip Balm– When you are sick, your lips tend to get really dry so make sure you are always putting chapstick on or they may crack and bleed!

Epson salt– There is nothing better than a nice warm Epson salt bath when you aren’t feeling well. I love this lavender scent one. It is so relaxing and helps with body aches. It also detoxes your body which is important when you are sick.

Disinfecting spray/wipes– Whoever isn’t sick in the house should help clean. Kill all of those nasty germs!



I pray that you and your family will stay healthy this year. I also hope that this post will help you prepare for cold and flu season. Be sure to share this with your friends.

Psalm 41:3 “The Lord sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health.”



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    This is such a handy post for the coming cold season. Take care.

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      Thank you! I’m glad you like it.