Everything You Need For Camping: For Moms

This weekend my fiance’ and I were able to get away for a mini camping trip and it was so much fun! Not to mention a lot of work. The place we try to go every year is in Crosby, Minnesota because they have Cuyuna state park which are these amazing mountain bike trails. There are so many things you have to bring with you camping and I thought I would share with you guys what we like to bring! I refuse to do the type of camping where you are in the middle of nowhere, with no bathrooms or showers nearby. I am talking about a place where you are at a campsite with bathrooms nearby. Most sites should have a firepit as well.  What I love about camping is that once you have all of the equipment, it is a cheap way to have a fun vacation with your friends or family. If you have kids, they will remember those moments forever. This year we plan on trying different parks around Minnesota so that we can explore our state a little more!

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For your suitcase

These are some things that I like to pack in my own suitcase. You never know what the weather will be like since it is always changing so I would recommend packing all of these things. Don’t forget to pack your kids’ bag as well!

I only go camping for a weekend so I don’t bring that many clothes. I would say 2-3 of each item. To start off, I would definitely bring a rain jacket. Maybe even an umbrella. There was one time we went camping and it randomly started raining ALL DAY. I didn’t have any rain gear and I was cold and crabby by the end of the day. It was not fun.

If you know it is going to be warm, you should definitely pack a swimsuit, some t-shirts or tank tops and shorts. I would also bring a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt because the nights can get a little chilly. Other things to pack are undergarments, a towel (1 for swimming and 1 for the shower), toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, sunglasses, a hat, shampoo and conditioner, and soap. I also like to bring two different pairs of shoes. I like flip flops and these awesome camping shoes. I like to bring a blanket as well. It is nice to have a blanket to use when you are sitting by the campfire or in your tent. I think sleeping bags are annoying so it is also nice to have the blanket to lay on top of the sleeping bag! That’s just me though…

The last thing I would suggest bringing is a camera! You’ll probably see some beautiful scenes and it’s nice to capture those moments to look back on.

First Aid Kit

We have been really bad about bringing a first aid kit when camping. Luckily we haven’t had anything bad happen to us yet, but I plan on bringing one next time we go. My fiance’, Tommy had a headache this weekend when we went and we didn’t have anything for him. A few things you could include are band-aids, gauze, antibacterial ointment, sunscreen, bug spray, Tylenol, Benedryl, any medications you may have, and tums. This is something you should have in your car as well!


There is a bunch of stuff you will need for “survival.” I say this is quotation marks because I’ll be real with you. If I think I’m not going to survive from camping, I would just jump in the car and go home. It’s not that serious. Like I said before, I don’t do any of that intense backpacking, camping out in the woods stuff! The most important thing to remember is your tent or camper. I mean, if you don’t have that then I don’t know what you are doing. We have this one here and love it. It is super easy to set up… I can even do it! Another thing that you could bring, but don’t need to is an air mattress. I would definitely recommend it if you have a bad back or are afraid of sleeping on the ground.  You can buy a nice air mattress like this one here, or a self inflatable one like this one here. I will say that the air mattress will be a lot more comfortable but the self inflatable one takes up a lot less space. We also have a sleeping cot for our daughter, Skylar and she loves it. It’s nice because it folds up and you can store it anywhere. Don’t forget your sleeping bags! Other things to pack are flashlights or headlamps, sticks for roasting marshmellows, camping chairs, a large cooler with ice, a lighter, and fire starter.

We just bought a grill like this one here and it’s nice to have so you don’t have to start a fire in the fire pit. It’s portable so you can bring it anywhere which is also nice! Another thing you could consider bringing is a stovetop grill. This is nice to have for your breakfast items like eggs, bacon or french toast. It depends how much cooking you want to do while you are camping. Some people bring pots and pans as well! Don’t forget to bring your utensils like plates, bowls, knives, spoons and forks. We just bring disposable ones. One last thing you should consider bringing is your own firewood if you have it. Otherwise you can usually buy some at a gas station on the way there. You will also need an ax and saw for cutting wood, unless you plan on finding sticks and stuff in the woods!




This can be a little overwhelming when you are packing because you really don’t know how much you and your family are going to eat while you’re camping. I found some good recipes for camping on the blog, Prudent Penny Pincher that you should check out as well.

Here are some things we like to pack for food!


Electryolyte drink


Alcoholic drinks




Graham crackers

Other snacks







Peanut butter/Jelly

Other breakfast food

Other Lunch/dinner food

Garbage bags

Ziploc bags

The fun stuff

It might be hard to believe to some people that camping is actually fun! It’s nice to get away and experience the great outdoors with your friends and family. You’ll want to bring a few things with you for entertainment while you are there. One thing I like to bring is a book or my Kindle. It’s nice to have if you have some time to relax by yourself. Another thing you could bring are cards or smaller games. This can come in handy when it is raining!

We like to go biking when we are camping so we always bring our bikes. Tommy and I have mountain bikes and I love my Specialized bike like this one here! It is very easy to ride and it is super light. Don’t forget your helmet. Especially if you are mountain biking by rocks and stuff!

If you plan on swimming, I would definitely bring things like water toys, floaties, life jackets and sand toys for the kids. If you have a boat, lucky you! That makes being on the lake so much more fun. We are hoping to get a boat in the near future. One thing that we love to bring when we are camping is a portable bluetooth speaker. It’s nice to listen to music while you are sitting by the fire.

For The Baby

I have never brought a baby camping and I think it would be kind of hard but I have seen other people doing it! Here is a list of things you will most likely need for your little one.




Diaper cream



Pack n play– This is great for nap time or to have if they need some time to play with their toys alone.



Plenty of clothes


Sippy cup

Portable high chair-These are sweet! I would definitely buy one of these if I had a baby to bring with me.

Bike trailer– If you are a family who likes to bike, this bike buggy is great! You can even get a double one like this one here if you have two kiddos who can’t ride their own bike.


Click here for a free printable camping checklist! Being organized is a huge part of camping. Once you know you have everything, you can enjoy your time in God’s beautiful creation!

  • Sofia Estrelinha

    What a great post! I was born in July and my Mum and grandparents have always been avid campers. I camped for the first time when I was 2 months old and camped every year until a few years ago. Now I’m keen to take my daughter with me, so this post comes super handy 🙂 thanks for sharing all the tips and checklist 🙂

    • Awesome! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I’m sure your daughter will love it!

  • Love this!! Out of all the travels we have done we have NEVER gone camping. The kids have been begging us so I pinned this. Great resource!!