Fall style for toddler girls with adorable boots

One day last week, Skylar and I had a special day together. We got all dressed up (just casual) and went to a new park that we had never been to and ran some errands. She got to pick out where she wanted to go for lunch as well. It is so sad to me that my little baby is going to be 4 this month. She won’t even be considered a toddler anymore! It goes by way way WAY too fast. So naturally, I have been taking a ton of pictures of her lately.

We wanted to show you this cute outfit we put together. She had a blast being a little model. She absolutely loves the attention.


shirt: h&m

pants: Old Navy

Boots: Zulily

Untitled design

I think this shirt is just adorable. It is totally something I would wear, and Skylar said she feels “bootiful” in it! These boots kill me. I cannot handle how cute they are! I wish kids’ feet didn’t grow, because I would keep them forever. I found them on Zulily which is my favorite online shop.Untitled design (8)Untitled design (1)

If you haven’t signed up, you seriously need to. They have the cutest clothes and it is always super cheap. They also have everything from toys to home stuff.Untitled design (2) Untitled design (3) Untitled design (4)

Gluten free mac and cheese at Noodles&co. tastes amazing!Untitled design (5) Untitled design (6) Untitled design (7)

Did you know that Target gives out free cookies to kids while your shopping? This is the only way I get through the store. We also discovered that they now have little kids carts! I have been waiting for these!!!