February 2017 goals

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To be successful with my blog and my personal life, I have found that I need to write goals for myself each month and reflect back to see if I actually accomplished those things. Here were my goals from January 2017. Let’s see how I did!

My Family

Help Skylar be more independent GOOD

Set aside reading/ writing time every night for her GOOD

Have a date  night with just Tommy and I GOOD

I set aside time for my family this month which was nice. This is so important to do, no matter how stressful and busy life is. We had a huge change in my little family this month and it has been nothing but stressful and a lot of work. (We moved!) It’s always good to remember that if you are stressed out, the kids are definitely stressing out so try not to get angry with them and listen to their needs. We had a few meltdowns with Skylar this month and we are trying to make everything go smoothly. She has slept in bed with me the past few nights because she was having bad dreams. We put up her lil fairy door to help with nightmares. We told her the fairies are going to scare the nightmares away.


Cut down on groceries GOOD

Make payments on time GOOD

Only buy 2 coffee drinks (I can do it…right???) BAD

Put $100 in savings BAD

Money has always been a struggle for me. I have school loans to pay off and some credit cards as well. This year I am really focusing on getting a lot paid off. I am so bad at saving money because I just want it all to go to my debt. I know I should have some in savings so I don’t end up putting more on credit cards, but it’s really hard!


Lose 3-5 pounds BAD

Eat healthier BAD

Meal plan BAD

Cut back on sugar!! GOOD

Go to the gym 3x a week BAD

This is so bad! I didn’t do anything for myself this month. No wonder I have been so stressed lately. This is so important and I failed at it this month. I have cut back on sugar, so that’s a start. I also didn’t GAIN any weight, so that’s good too. I definitely worked out a little more than I have been so I just need to keep the momentum going.

My Blog

Get 400 followers on Instagram GOOD

Get 800 followers on Pinterest BAD

Get 50 more likes on my Facebook page GOOD

Write 4 blog posts BAD (close though)

I was totally motivated to get myself out there on social media. This is so time consuming, but worth it! My page views on my blog have definitely gone up and and that is thanks to my readers (you!). I hope you will come back again. I had a bunch of blog post ideas but I just didn’t have time to sit down and put them together. Hopefully this month will slow down in my life so I have more time to write.

So I didn’t do horrible last month, but I can definitely tell I need to work on myself more. If your a mom, I am sure you can relate. We really don’t set time aside for ourselves but it is so important to keep us from going insane! For this month of February, I am making it a goal to do something for myself and thinking about what I am eating. I was talking to my mom the other day and I was asking her how moms find time to workout! I don’t understand it. If you work full time and you are a mom, there are literally not enough hours in the day to go to the gym. I am going to have to get into a habit of working out at home. I have to get past the fact that “I’m only motivated if I take a class.” I need to get myself out of that mindset and push myself to workout alone. What are your goals for the month? Do you set aside time for yourself?  I encourage you to write it down! It really helps to keep yourself accountable.

Now lets talk about my February goals!

My family

Have a family outing

Look at rings

Talk about wedding plans


Only spend $20 on coffee

$100 in savings

Only eat out 4 times (1x a week)


Buy something for me

Drink more water

Lose 1-2 pounds

Eat more veggies


Get 500 followers on Instagram

Get 900 Pinterest followers

Get to 200 likes on Facebook

Write 4 blog posts



  • I love your monthly check-in idea for your goals. Congrats on growing your IG followers!! Obviously doing well on your finances is a great success too!

    • Thank you! It definitely keeps me accountable. 🙂