Filtered Vows Custom Snapchat Geofilters

A lot of us are at that age where it seems everyone is getting married. As a woman who isn’t married yet, I am always thinking about how I would want my fairytale wedding to go. There are so many things to think about. You have to make decisions on your wedding dress, your hair, decorations, the photographer you want to use and more! In my opinion, I think photography is the most important. You want to find an amazing photographer who can capture those beautiful wedding moments that you can reflect on.
In today’s world, people are turning to social media to save their memorable photos and share them with their friends and family. At first Myspace was huge, then Facebook, and now Snapchat seems to be the most popular social media platform, especially for millennials. It’s hard to keep up!  What if I told you that you could make your wedding day even more special through Snapchat. Would you listen? I hope so, because there is this great company called Filtered Vows who makes customized Snapchat geofilters for your wedding. These geofilters are uniquely designed for your wedding and no one will have a filter like yours. It is truly one of a kind. They have a great team of designers who will work with you in choosing the best design. This allows your guests to take a picture on Snapchat and use your personal filter to share with their friends and family.
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How it works

The first thing you need to do is find a package that works best for you. They offer 3 different packages. A 1, 3 and 5 filter package.
“The most common package we see purchased is our 3 filter package. “The more filters you choose to purchase, the more you can use for different events besides just the reception,” says Cody McClendon from Filtered Vows. There is more to a wedding than just the ceremony. You have the fun bachelor/bachelorette party, a beautiful rehearsal dinner, getting ready and of course the well planned out reception. You can have one of your custom filters to use in each of these memorable events. This is also a fun and interactive way to keep your guests involved on your big day.
Once you decide on a package, Filtered Vows will contact you to schedule your personal attendant phone call to go over the details of your wedding. This is where they get to know you and your spouse a little better and of course discuss the style of your wedding. After the call a designer will take all of this information and create your custom Snapchat filters. You will then get a chance to view the filters and decide if you want to keep them or make some changes. Another cool feature is that you will also receive custom awareness materials to put up in high traffic areas at your wedding so your guests are aware that you have custom filters to use!
Now that you know how to make your wedding even more memorable, it is time to visit the Filtered Vows website and choose which package you want! Again, this is such a fun interactive way to keep your guests involved in your wedding. Everyone loves to see what new and exciting things a wedding has to offer. Make yours one of a kind with these beautiful Snapchat geofilters.

* I am pleased to announce that Filtered vows has also won the Best of 2017 weddings by The Knot!! *