Where To Find The CUTEST Workout Clothes

I think we all know by now that workout clothes are the best. They basically consume my whole entire wardrobe. Why? Because they are so comfortable and cute! They are also pretty affordable if you can find a good deal. I also work with babies so I just wear them to work and I don’t care too much about them getting poop, spit up or snot on! I wanted to share some of my favorite stores to shop for workout gear.

Victoria’s Secret- I love their sports bras and yoga pants. Actually, I just love everything at Victoria’s Secret. I usually only shop here if I have a coupon or they have their semi-annual sale.

Old Navy- Old Navy has some really nice stuff. I love getting shorts from here and they have some really cute tank tops. I also love their pants. They are really good quality for being from Old Navy. I have a pair that I have had for maybe 5 years. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

Target– Of course Target has everything but I do love some of their workout tanks and sports bras. I’m not a huge fan of their workout pants because I feel like they are too glossy and shiny…. does that even makes sense?! I don’t really know, but their stuff is cute for sure!

Fabletics– Oh my gosh I love Fabletics so much. Their yoga pants are a dream. They are so soft and comfortable, you will be so happy when you are wearing them. They also have super cute tops too. This is a monthly subscription plan which I don’t like too much but you can always skip the month if you don’t want to purchase anything. They also have really good customer service which is a plus.

Blogilates– So I found this girl on YouTube and I absolutely love her workout videos! She has grown so much with her business that she created a line of the CUTEST workout clothes ever. You have to check it out. They are so unique and oh-em-gee…you just have to look. Click here!

TJMaxx/Marshalls- I find some really nice workout gear at  TJMaxx or Marshalls for super cheap. There clothes are usually between 10 and 20 bucks. Love it!

Zulily– This is one of my favorite sites because every day they come out with a different store that is having a discount or sale. I’ve bought a lot of my daughter’s cute clothes on here and I always see tons of different workout clothes. I would definitely check them out.

LuLuLemon– I’m sure we have all heard of this store and I will be honest, I have yet to buy something from them. I think their stuff is absolutely adorable but I cannot spend the money on that right now! If you can, check them out. You’ll be hooked!

Lucy– I never went to a Lucy store until I went to an outlet mall by my house. They were having a huge sale so I thought I would check it out. I bought 4 items for $60 which was a steal because they are usually pretty expensive too. The quality is great and I have worn those 4 pieces a ton! Their pants are extremely comfortable and fitting. They aren’t see through at all which I love.

Capris/Sports Bra/Tank

Athleta– This is a great store and definitely more affordable than others. It’s more expensive than Old Navy, but definitely better quality. They have some really great swimsuits right now too. Check it out here.

Kiava– I came across this brand on Pinterest and have been following them on Instagram. They have some really cute sports bras and tops. They are all about the fun straps on the back!

UnderArmour– Obviously another great brand. I like to look at the outlet store for UnderArmour clothes, or I can usually find them at discounts stores like TJMaxx or Marshalls.

Nike– I like Nike, but I personally don’t love it. I feel like their sizes run a little small so I have to go up a size which no one likes to do. Their running shorts are great and I love love LOVE their Nike Free shoes. They are literally a dream come true for my feet. So comfortable!

Tank/Sports bra/Shorts

Adidas- I feel like this brand is great for people who are into soccer. I always think of soccer players when I think of Adidas.

Macy’s– This is a go to when I am at the mall. It seems to always be the first store I walk into. I love when they have sales.

Nordstrom– Who doesn’t love Nordstrom? They have all of the name brand clothes but I would literally be broke if I shopped there all the time. I will say that they do have some pretty good sales though. Have you checked out their workout clothing section? They have some great clothes as well!

Marika Fitness– This brand is pretty reasonably priced. I find a lot of their stuff at Marshall’s, but here is the link to their actual website!

Yoga Club– This is a monthly subscription box which is kind of fun if you like to be surprised every month. So far I have seen some pretty cute outfits they have put together so I would definitely check them out if you aren’t the best at shopping!

Gym Candy Activewear– This brand name literally says it all. Their site kind of reminds me of candy. Very colorful and girly workout clothes! Love it…

Montiel-I found this brand of Facebook and they are adorable. They have a ton of yoga style workout clothes with really cute and dainty straps in the back. I would definitely check them out if you are a big girly girl like me!

Jane– This is a discount store where boutiques will put some of their clothing up for sale. Sometimes they have some workout clothes too!

Fitness Apparel Express– This website has like everything. I found some really cute yoga pants here!

Ellie Activewear– This is another subscription box that has some really cute stuff. It is always fun getting a package in the mail so this is another one to consider!


Have fun shopping!

  • April Kitchens

    I’m so boring, I usually stick to the same places for workout clothes. I’m definitely going to check out these links. Great post!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed this.