The First Weeks Of Summer And A Trip To The Zoo!

Summer is here FINALLY and I am so pumped. I have so many things I want to do this summer it’s not even funny. It is almost the 2nd week of June already and we have already went to the zoo, the beach, set up our little pool in the backyard, had a sleepover and gone to a few fun parks. I know that summer goes super fast so I plan on doing a couple fun things at least twice a week. I am so excited!

I am loving that we have a backyard! Skylar had fun in this little kiddie pool and this fun obstacle course slip-n-slide I found!

My cousin and her daughter came over to join in on the backyard fun too. They brought some crafts to make necklaces and cute flower crowns. Here they are all worn out from swimming!

One day after work we went to Elm Creek Beach in Maple Grove, Mn. They have the best swimming pond. It is filtered and super clean so I love it. Sky met some new friends and did really well swimming by herself.

Last week we went to the MN zoo with my brother and his girlfriend. It was so much fun. Sky had a blast! Apparently they had a new exhibit opening on the day we went so it was super packed but still fun! It was the kangaroo exhibit and so they were handing out these free stuffed animal kangaroos! Skylar carried hers around the whole day. So cute.

I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I got dressed before the zoo. I was pretty warm in my long sleeved shirt and pants. However, it did get cooler as the day went on so I was nice and warm!!

The bears were pretty cool. I love how they were right in front of us. Skylar ran up to the window super fast and the bear charged at her! She was really freaked out but I thought it was HILARIOUS.

Here are the little kangaroos!

Of course we had to get some treats. Skylar has the biggest sweet tooth-just like her mama!!

She was excited to see the goats but was a little afraid of them so uncle Matt had to help her out! She didn’t want to feed them, but she did try brushing them. I love the baby goats, they are so adorable!

Face painting! And the best part is that it was free.

It’s suppose to be a kangaroo… Look at Sky’s cute little cheeks! I could literally kiss them all day long if she would let me. She is starting to get to that age where she pushes me away and says “stop mom.” Sad face!

Cuteness in front of the MN zoo sign! We had so much fun. Sky was pumped about her cotton candy and very very tired. I was hoping we could take a nap when we got home but NOPE, she wanted to keep playing.

There is a look into what our summer has been so far. I’m going to be making a list of everything I want to do this summer with Skylar. I’m so excited! If you aren’t from the midwest, you probably don’t know why I am so excited about summer but that’s okay! What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids?

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