Happy smiles and a fun week

This week has gone by so fast. I am so excited for Easter this coming weekend! Skylar is too. I don’t think she understands the true meaning of Easter, but we have been going to church lately so I hope they have some fun activities planned for the kiddos. We have had a pretty good week so far. I have been feeling a lot better so life is back to normal for our family. We have been struggling with Skylar’s behavior a little bit this week. She has not been listening to anything we say and it is so frustrating! Any parents have those moments where you literally don’t know what to do with your child? It is so true that parenting is the hardest job ever. And it is super exhausting. Skylar has been super addicted to sweets lately. She demands a piece of candy all day. I tell her no a million times but she still finds a way to sneak it or get it from Tommy, Grandma or Papa. I am seriously afraid for her teeth! Maybe a trip to the dentist will be good for her. With that said, here is a cute picture of her eating a donut at church.

One major highlight of the week is that Skylar finished her first round of swimming lessons and I am so proud of her! She was really nervous about the water when she started 7 weeks ago and now she does the back float (with help) and kicks her feet so fast! The only thing she needs to work on is putting her face in the water. I am excited to see how she does in the next class. We also got this super cute swimsuit from Oshkosh this week which she loves!

Another awesome thing Skylar did this week was help me with the dishes. Of course they didn’t get as clean as I would have liked, but she did a fantastic job! I love that she was so willing to help out.

I got a few packages in the mail this week that were super exciting. I got the chance to review these Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipstick colors and I love them! They go on so smooth, and the colors are beautiful. My lips feel so moisturized after and I love the applicator it comes it! So cute.

If you know me, you know I hate taking selfies and feel super awkward doing them. This was the only picture that I kind of liked ha!



The second package I got was from my monthly Birchbox subscription. I always get excited for this box because the samples I get are always very practical. This months box included makeup wipes, dry shampoo, matte lipstick, blush/bronzer palette and blowout spray. 

I have always loved reading a good book and I really haven’t read one in awhile so I thought it was a good time to start. I love the book selection they have at Target so I thought I would try this book called “One More Day.” It is about a mom who’s son is taken from her and he mysteriously shows up one day in his crib. He is only there for one day and the story is about the mother trying to find out why this is happening. It is pretty interesting but I seem to always fall asleep when I’m reading! That is probably why I don’t read too much anymore.

I hope you all have a great Easter celebration with your families!