How I’m keeping the Bugs Away This Summer

It is the middle of the summer here in Minnesota and I don’t know about you guys, but my family and I are getting eaten alive by guys. This is like the worst year for mosquitos. They are awful. Every time I sit out by the fire I end up going inside because they bite my butt and it’s SUPER uncomfortable. My daughter is constantly itching and complaining about her bug bites as well and I’m just over it. Honestly.

Anyways, I got the pleasure of receiving these mosquito repellent bracelets (for FREE!) in exchange for an honest review. I was a little hesitant about these things but I’m telling you, they work and  I am really excited about them! You can find them on Amazon here for only $13.99. It comes with 20 bracelets and 2 sheets of stickers to stick on your clothes. My favorite part about these bracelets is that they are deet free and made with all natural ingredients such as citronella oils. They also have another bracelet style you can find here for the same price.

Shipping was very fast for these bracelets. I believe I got them in about 3 days. They came in a clear baggie. The only critique I have about this product is the packaging. I was a little intimidated by them because the packaging looks like it would be toxic, The colors are a little harsh and there are no directions in English on the back. I had to look online again to figure out how they work.


Here is my daughter modeling her bracelet. I’m absolutely loving how she applied her sunscreen…ha! She went in the pool with hers and it still kept the bugs away. The best thing about these bracelets is that they last up to 250 hours. I don’t even know how many days that is, but that’s a lot! I love this because I won’t have to use a new one each day.

No more icky bug spray for us! I hate that stuff. I haven’t found one that actually works. I would always spray my whole body with toxic bug spray and it wouldn’t even keep the mosquitos away. Now I don’t have to shower right after using bug repellant. These are literally my new favorite invention. They are great for kids, babies, and anyone on the go. You can wear them as a bracelet like us, strap them to a backpack or anywhere else. These bracelets are very flexible and soft to the touch. I highly recommend them.


As always, thank you for reading!