January 2017 Goals

As I talked about in my last post Why 2016 Has Been Like No Other, this year I am focusing on reflection and goal setting. I have never been a goal setter, so this is something totally new for me. As I have gotten older I have noticed that I have been more of a procrastinator and a lot less motivated to do things. This could also be because I am a mom, but still! It’s no excuse. I need to keep myself accountable and do what I say I am going to do or I get depressed and anxious and I just don’t have time for that. With that said, here are my January 2017 goals!!

My Family

Help Skylar be more independent

Set aside reading/ writing time every night for her

Have a dateĀ  night with just Tommy and I

We have had a little bit of struggles with our only child, Skylar. For those of you who have an only child I’m sure you can relate! We have noticed that she has to be the center of attention all of the time. She is very demanding, bossy and does not listen to a thing we say. Now, I know that some of these traits could actually be a good thing for her in the future so we don’t want to change her completely but we do want to teach her to be nice and respectful. If anyone has any tips on how to go about this, I would love to hear them because we really don’t know what to do. Tommy and I are always so tired by the end of the day that we usually just do what she wants so we can relax. Clearly this isn’t working for us so we need to be a little more strict with her! We also haven’t been on a date night in awhile with just the two of us, so we definitely need to do that this month. Now that we are engaged, we need to celebrate!


Cut down on groceries

Make payments on time

Only buy 2 coffee drinks (I can do it…right???)

Put $100 in savings

Money has always been a struggle for me. I have a lot of school loans to pay off and some credit cards as well. This year I am really focusing on getting a lot paid off. Thank you, God for tax returns!


Lose 3-5 pounds

Eat healthier

Meal plan

Cut back on sugar!!

Go to the gym 3x a week

After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it has been a struggle trying to eat healthy. All I crave is sugar, and I usually end up being so hungry that I eat something that has gluten in it and it needs to stop! I know that I could eat more protein, but I have never been a meat eater. I am such a picky eater! Ask my mom, all I would eat is mac and cheese when I was little, and look what happened. I also went a little cray cray with the sweets this holiday season. I was just feeling really festive and thought I should eat everything in sight. It was really bad. So with that said, I officially would like to lose 15 total this year. This month, I would specifically love to lose 5. I want to plan a mini vacation and I need to feel good in a swimsuit!

My Blog

Get 400 followers on Instagram

Get 800 followers on Pinterest

Get 50 more likes on my Facebook page

Write 4 blog posts

I had a lot of struggles with my blog this year. It took me so long to figure out how to use WordPress and I honestly still get confused at times. I also had a hard time focusing on what I really needed to do with my blog. Now that I have re-branded my blog and found the perfect theme, I can finally concentrate on creating good content. I also want to make sure to publish my monthly goals so that I can stay on top of things and my readers (you!) can see what I am up to.

As always, thank you for reading! If you have any suggestions or what to know anymore about me, send me a comment or message me on social media! Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!