July 2017 Goals

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I haven’t written a post like this since February and it’s not good! Goals are so important so that you can actually get something done. I was noticing that I wasn’t going anywhere with my blog and decided to get this post done. I love setting goals for myself because it keeps me accountable. When I write it down, I am more likely to do it. I have learned to make smaller, more achievable goals because if I make them too hard and don’t reach them, I get really sad! Does anyone else set goals for themselves each month? I would love to hear it, so leave me a comment at the bottom of the page.


Only buy 1 coffee drink

$100 in savings

Only eat out 4 times (1x a week)


Buy something for me

Drink more water

Lose 1-2 pounds

Eat more veggies

Read the Bible every night


Get 50 more followers on Instagram

Get 60 more Pinterest followers

Get to 50 more likes on Facebook

Write 2 blog posts


Find a venue for wedding

Go to church every Sunday

Go to a water park

Stay tuned next month to see if I reached these goals. Thanks for reading!