Our Little Passports Subscription Box Review

We had a chance to review this cute monthly subscription box for kids called Little Passports.  They have a bunch of different subscriptions to choose from including Early Explorers (ages 3-5), World Edition (6-10), and  USA edition (7-12), Science Expedition (9+). Every month this company will send you a box of your choice which includes some type of activity for your child to learn about our world. It is very affordable with boxes starting at $11.95 a month. I’m excited to show you what was included in our Early Explorers box!

*This post contains an affiliate link which means I will be compensated if you make a purchase. I was compensated for this post and this is an honest review*

I forgot to get a picture of the box that it came in, but it was very cute. When we opened it up, we found this adorable Little Passports small luggage box. It is made out of a very sturdy cardboard. I was very impressed. My daughter, Skylar was very excited about it too. It came with stickers to decorate the outside which I thought was very creative.



This box included a little welcome note and a postcard welcoming Skylar to the Early Explorers subscription box. I thought this was a nice little note to tell us what we should expect from the company.

Skylar loved this large map that came in the box. She thought the little people on it were very cute and she was excited to know what this map thing meant. We talked about the different continents and that we lived in the orange one. She was very excited to show her dad where we live.

The best part of this box is that it came with this little activity book that was made for a child who is between the ages of 3 and 5. There was a tracing activity and a maze which Skylar thought was pretty fun.

Give the gift of Adventure!

I really did enjoy this box because it gave me something to talk about with Skylar. It was nice to sit down and teach her something valuable. I liked that this subscription box was a learning activity along with something fun and exciting. I am looking forward to see what is in the boxes for months to come. This is so much better than buying useless toys that will be forgotten about in 2 hours. To sign up, click here for 15% off by using code SWEET. I hope you enjoy your subscription as much as we did!