How to prepare for a Minnesota winter

Whether your live in Minnesota or not, I am sure you have heard that it gets bone chilling cold here. I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and no, you never get used to it. You just learn how to stay warm. Here are some must have items to stay warm this winter.


When I was a teen, for some reason it was so nerdy to wear snow boots. Actually, any kind of boots for that matter. Ugg boots weren’t popular yet and I think we just wore our tennis shoes everywhere. My point is that my feet were always freezing but I was too stubborn to put boots on when my mom told me to! I am so glad that I am at that age where I can wear whatever I want and I don’t care what I look like! If you live in a cold winter state like Minnesota, you will want to invest in some warm, sturdy, waterproof boots. I wouldn’t go for the cheapest ones because you want these to last forever. I have bought some that were only like $20, and my feet were freezing all winter and they lost their shape. I would recommend Sorel boots. These are amazing! They are super warm, waterproof and they last forever. They are also very fashionable which is a huge plus.


If you are planning on being in the state of Minnesota for awhile, you really want to invest in a warm jacket. I personally have this Arctic Parka from North Face and it is the best jacket I have ever bought. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time because it is so long, but I don’t even care! At least I am warm, right? Some of the shorter jackets are nice and warm too but then your legs are still cold! Those are usually better for the warmer winter days.


Have you seen these blanket scarfs that are so popular!? I absolutely love them. Depending on how big they are, you can either wear them as a scarf or use it as a blanket. You can find them in really any color I’m sure, but for the most part they are usually plaid. These are great for fall and winter.

Space heater

A space heater is really nice to have in the winter. These will heat up your house really fast! Just be careful to not leave it on too long and always shut it off before you leave the house because it is a fire hazard.


You will need a ton of blankets if you are in Minnesota. The softer and thicker the better! I would recommend having extra ones by your bed, in the living room and in your car. You never know when your car will break down in the middle of winter. You would definitely want one then. Your kids will also want one while they are riding in the cold car.


Make sure you have plenty of hats. Don’t want to ruin your hair? Buy ear warmers! There are a lot of different styles of hats and headbands you can chose from. If you have kids, you’ll need quite a few because they tend to get them dirty, soaking wet or lost!


I personally prefer mittens over gloves. With gloves I feel like my fingers get cold! I would rather have them close together so they can keep each other warm. For kids, they are going to lose these for sure so I find one pair I like and buy multiple ones. That way you can always find a match. I can’t tell you how many times I sent my daughter to daycare with two different mittens.

Remote car starter

I don’t have one of these, but I would love a remote car starter! I did have one in my old car and it was so nice in the winter, especially when you have kids. You can get the car warmed up before you get them in it. This is really helpful if their hair is wet from swimming lessons! You will also need to warm your car up to defrost the windows, so a car starter would save you time in the morning.

Snow pants

You may be able to get by without buying snow pants for yourself, but you will definitely need them for your kids. I would get 2 pairs for them. One for school and one for home.  Also, I would get these ones here that go over their shoulders. This really helps to keep the snow out.


One thing I love to do in the winter is come home and get into my sweatpants. This is usually the first thing I do when I walk inside. Like I literally run to my room to put them on. There really is nothing better than getting home and getting cozy.

Fleece zip-up

I love having this Columbia fleece zip-up. It is nice to wear on warmer fall days and also under your jacket when it is below zero! I think I have even worn mine to bed before.


You will need a shovel to get all of that snow off your driveway! Hopefully there isn’t a lot this year. Also, I would recommend getting an emergency shovel in case your car gets stuck and you need to dig it out!


Windshield washer fluid

One thing that you should always have in your car is windshield washer fluid. The one with the anti-freeze in it. This helps to defrost your windows and clear away the ice. I seem to go through a lot of it during the winter months. Your car will also get very dirty and you’ll find that you are cleaning your windows more.

Windshield wipers

It is important to make sure you have good windshield wipers before the first snowfall.  I like to get the ones that are a little more expensive because I think they work better and last longer. There is nothing worse than having horrible windshield wipers that don’t clear the windows. You want to be able to see!

Ice scraper

I love these ice scrapers that have a warm mitten around it. Whoever came up with these are genius. No one likes to be out scraping their car in the dead of winter with a cold hand.


In the winter time my feet are always freezing. Sometimes I will wear 2 socks at once even. When you are at home, it’s nice to have some slippers to put on. These will keep your feet nice and cozy throughout the winter.

Flannel sheets

It can be very hard to sleep sometimes when it is so cold. You want to save money on your heating bill so people usually turn the heat down at night. This is why you need warm sheets! Flannel sheets are a must have in the chilly Minnesota winter months.

If you are new to Minnesota, I hope this guide helps you and I wish you luck at staying warm. It really isn’t that bad, I mean I am still living here, right? I think being prepared is the most important because you really don’t know when it is going to be super cold. This year so far has been a really nice fall. It usually snows by now, but it has been in the 50’s. This is warm for us! Thanks for checking out this post and be sure to share this with your family and friends.

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