Springspiration- Girls Spring Clothes


I’m getting ready for spring and so should you! Why? Well, because here in Minnesota it is randomly 65 degrees outside in the middle of winter. I really don’t understand what is happening with our weather lately but it is so unpredictable and psychotic. I can’t handle it. So what do I do? Pick out cute spring clothes for my daughter of course! Here are some adorable items I found. I will try not to buy them all.

I found this adorable dress at TJ Maxx. Fin similar dress HERE!

My mom found this dress for Sky, and we got these cute sparkly shoes from TJ Maxx. Find similar dress HERE. Shoes here


In case you didn’t notice, we love anything sparkly and pink in our house. I am also a big fan of flowers so spring is literally my favorite shopping season. I’m so happy it’s tax season. I will try not to spend too much money but it’s one of those years where I look at my closet and realize that I haven’t bought anything cute in like 5 years. Everything I have is typical mom lounge wear. Yoga pants, plain t-shirts and sports bras. I feel like I lived in those the last 4 years. Stay tuned for my favorite women’s spring clothes. I’m super excited about it.