Stop Buying These 20 Things When You Are Broke!

Find out how you can save money when you are broke.


 I am experiencing a time in my life that is not so fun. It is called being broke… If you asked me 10 years ago if I thought I would ever be in this situation, I would say you’re crazy. I always thought I was very good with my money. Boy was I wrong! I am drowning in student loan and credit card debt, and I decided it is time to get it under control. I decided to make a list of things that I have already cut out or am trying my hardest to. I come from a family of shoppers, so I have a really hard time saying no to things. I have also started using coupons more. I highly recommend that you check out The Krazy Koupon Lady. They have an app that shows you all the deals in your area and how to get them. I never thought I would be a coupon girl but when you are low on cash, you try to spend the least amount of money possible. Keep reading to find out which 20 things you should stop buying when you’re broke.

1.Restaurant and fast food

If you are struggling with money, I think the first thing people tend to do is cut back on going out to eat or stopping at a fast food restaurant. This is hard to do these days with how busy our lives have become, but try to prepare some meals ahead of time that you can quickly put together at dinner time! I think being prepared for the week is important so that your not stopping at a drive through because you are so hungry.


2.Specialty coffee drinks

I used to have a big problem buying frappe’ drinks from coffee shops. I wish I would have never tried them because they are deliciousness! It was really hard for me to cut down on specialty coffee drinks from coffee shops. Once I did it for about two weeks, I finally got used to it and it hasn’t been so hard. The main thing for me was the sugar I believe. If you think sugar isn’t addicting, you haven’t met me. I have been eating sugar like crazy lately and it needs to stop. It is pretty sad when your recycling bin is full of plastic cups-oops!

Find out what you shouldn't be buying when you are broke
3.Clothes and accessories

Unless you haven’t shopped for clothes in like 10 years, I would suggest drastically cutting down on shopping for yourself and your kids if you can. With kids, this can be kind of hard since they are constantly growing so maybe set aside a little bit every month to buy things that you absolutely need. I would also suggest shopping at second hand stores, Ebay or stores where you can find things for cheap. Before I had my daughter, I really had no concept of money and would buy new clothing all the time. I quickly learned that this will make you broke as a joke so don’t follow in my footsteps.


This could have gone with the clothing and accessories category, but let’s be honest and say that this is a totally separate issue. I used to be obsessed with shoes until I realized how expensive they are. I cut out buying shoes a long time ago so if you are one that keeps buying them and you don’t really have the funds…STOP IT NOW!Find out what you shouldn't be buying when you are broke!

5.House decorations

In my opinion, house decorations should come last in your budget. I totally understand making sure that your house feels like home, but you have to get the necessities covered first! There are a lot of cheap things you can do for your home, so maybe head to the craft store and put together your own decorations. There are a ton of holiday decorations you can create on your own as well!

6.Extra snacks

We quickly realized that we were spending way too much money on food, so we had to decide what we really NEED in our house. Writing a weekly grocery list has helped me tremendously. I also learned that I cannot bring my daughter shopping with me because she probably adds $20 worth of snacks in the cart every time. Packaged snacks are not even good for you and are way too overpriced. Try baking and home or eating fruit for a healthy snack!



This has been another hard one for me. What can I say, I am addicted to caffeine!!! I have however, started buying cans of soda instead of stopping at Mcdonalds or something and buying one there. This saves a lot of money. I also try to have a can every other day instead of every day. Again, this is a challenge for me!


I feel like I could write a whole blog post about my experience with buying expensive cosmetics. The number one thing I have found is that the most expensive does not always mean better. I have probably spent thousands of dollars on different cleansers, toners, moisturizers and makeup for my horrible acne prone skin. No matter what I do, nothing has really helped until I realized that I was eating the wrong foods. I have significantly cut back on dairy and my face has cleared up a ton. I also use cheap dial soap for my face cleanser and ACV for a face toner. Both have been working fine and I have saved a ton of money. Makeup can get a little tricky. I like to spend more money on my foundation because I like to have something that won’t clog my pores. I have found that there are great drugstore lipsticks, eye liner, mascara and eyeshadows. Better yet, just cut out makeup completely if you can handle it!


I try not to buy a lot of toys for my daughter because one, she doesn’t play with many toys and two, she usually gets a ton of stuff from family and friends. I think too many toys can get overwhelming for kids anyways. If you absolutely need something, check out garage sales and secondhand stores. If your child really wants something, set up a chore chart for them and teach them how to save their money so that they can buy it themselves. My daughter loves putting money in her piggybank and then going to the store and paying for her things herself. It is a great lesson!


Vitamins and minerals are important for our everyday diets and so I don’t think your should cut your daily multivitamin. I do think that you should sit down and figure out which ones you don’t NEED. I had to sit down and decide which supplements I should take because mine were getting to be way too expensive. Some supplements I decided to cut out were my hair, skin and nails, a probiotic and a cleanse I was doing. This has saved me a ton of money every month. I make sure to eat yogurt everyday so that I am getting my probiotic in. It is so much cheaper than taking a pill! I would also recommend downloading Checkout51 onto your phone. It is a coupon app and I have seen vitamins on there so if you really need something, you can save a few bucks!


I think it is crazy how expensive meat is. I try to avoid it as much as possible and buy things like eggs, protein shakes, dairy products and other sources of protein to save money. Luckily I am not a huge meat eater anyways so I don’t feel too bad about not buying it as often. If you are absolutely craving meat, check your local grocery store for coupons or discounts. I know that buying meat in bulk can save money as well!


12. Hobbies

Do you have an expensive hobby that you could cut back on? Some people spend a lot of money on their hobbies and you might have to take a step back and ask yourself if you really need to be spending money on that. I wanted to get into painting until I realized how expensive it would be for me to buy my own supplies. No matter what your hobby is, just find ways to cut back for awhile. Maybe borrow something from someone, or find things at garage sale, thrift stores etc.


13. Organic food

I haven’t been much of an organic food shopper, so this one doesn’t apply to me too much.  If you are looking to save some money it might be a good idea to cut back on organic food. I stopped buying organic eggs because they were like $4.00 for a dozen eggs vs. $99 for Target’s store brand eggs. I get that they might not be as healthy, but I feel like there are worse things to harm your body. When I am trying to save money, I cut back on food expenses as much as I can.


14. Movies and games

Movies and games are a huge money sucker! I never buy my own dvds or games because I think they are a huge waste of money. There are so many better things you can do in this life instead of sitting at home playing games and watching TV. Also, the price for cable is absolutely insane and I personally would never pay it (my fiance’ does because of his sports channels). Have you been to a movie with the family lately? For 3 of us to go it costs us about $60 if we want to get the amazing buttery popcorn and Icee drinks. With that said, we rarely go to a movie because it is so expensive.


15. Electronics

TVs, cameras, phones and other electronic devices are very expensive and I think it is important that you save up for these big purchases. I have done this completely wrong in my life and put things on credit cards. Now I am going to be paying way more than I would have if I had saved my money. Don’t be like me!


16. Gifts

Gifts can get pretty expensive, especially since it seems like every month there is either a holiday or a birthday. If you can, make something on your own that will save you money or go in on a gift with someone else. Pinterest has a ton of homemade ideas and it’s the thought that counts, right?


17. Books

I personally don’t spend a lot of money on books, but I know people who do. If you are trying to save money check out your local library, ebay or ask a friend. Depending on how many books you read, they can be pretty expensive. Also, do you really need to BUY a book to keep? I don’t know a lot of people who read the same book multiple times so try borrowing one! The same goes for kids. I rarely buy books for my daughter because we can get the same books at the library. Also, she usually attaches to one book so we don’t even need a huge selection of books for her.


18. Trips

You may have to put off your yearly vacation with your friend this year if you are not making enough money. This might sound a little depressing, but you can do it! Instead, maybe do something fun near home. Don’t think you can just put it on your credit card, because it will be very hard to pay it back if you don’t have the funds.


19. Monthly subscriptions/memberships

I had a few monthly memberships that I decided to cancel because they were getting to be too much. I had spotify, birchbox, the Y, and a tanning package that I was paying for and it was an extra $100 a month. I decided that all of these were a pretty big waste of money and I didn’t really NEED them.  Instead, I just use the free spotify version, I bought a great workout program for a one time payment of $60, and I decided that I didn’t need any makeup sample boxes. It has been nice to have some extra money each month.


20. Professional hair services

As a hairstylist, I understand that getting your hair done is important. However, it is not a need and you may want to cut it out for a few months until you get your expenses under control. I would suggest doing a balayage or something close to your natural color so that you don’t notice the regrowth as bad. This is what I decided to do and I haven’t colored my hair in about 6 months. For haircuts, try to find a friend who knows hair, cut it yourself, or go somewhere that isn’t too expensive. I would also consider buying a package from Groupon to save some money if you absolutely need to go in.


I hope that this blog post will inspire you to cut back on buying things you don’t need. Another thing that I am constantly doing is checking my bank account everyday. I write down exactly what I need to pay for that week and make sure I have enough money. I find that if I physically write it down, I have a better chance of following it. If you would like more tips or are looking to find a way to make some extra money, check out these two blog posts,  8 Simple Ways To Make And Save Money Online and How To Start A Lifestyle Blog In 5 Minutes.  Thanks for reading!