18 amazing things my 4 year old can do by herself

four year olds kids parenting self sufficient kids activitiesBy the age of 4, kids are able to do a lot more than you think. I am amazed how much children learn from the time they are born to age 4. I want to share with you what my daughter can do by herself. Remember that not every child is the same, and if yours can’t do something mine can,


They will learn. This post is not meant to brag about my child, (maybe a little) but more to show you that they are usually totally capable of helping you out around the house. As a parent or caregiver, it is hard to not do everything for our little ones. We want to give them the best life, but we have to remember they need to learn to do things themselves too.

Set the table

I put all of my little girls cups, plates, bowls, forks and spoons in a place where she can reach them. We don’t have a lot of kitchen space, so I got creative and put it all in a little wicker basket in the pantry. I find this very helpful because if she is asking for one of these items, I can easily tell her to go get one herself.

Empty the dishwasher

Obviously she won’t be able to put all the dishes away, but she loves helping with this chore. She will either take the dishes out and hand them to me, or I will show her what she can put away. She mostly does her dishes and some forks and spoons. I always make sure to be around in case something breaks or there is a sharp knife in there.

Get her own water

We have a brita water filter¬†that sits in our fridge in her reach. This way if she is thirsty, we can remind her that she can get her own water. It is the bigger one that has a spout on it so she can do it herself. That way she won’t drop the whole thing on her foot.

Put on her clothes

Skylar has been putting in her clothes since she was about 18 months. She is so independent and has to do everything herself. She will pretend that she can’t do it, but I know she’s just testing me…little stinker!

Pick out her shoes and put them on

She knows which shoes she wants to wear and she knows which foot they go in. She can also put them on herself. We are going to start practicing tying soon because she is very interested in it.

Button her clothes

she can usually button her shirts and pants as well as jackets. If she needs help, I will help her because some of them are tricky.

Zip up her pants

She knows how to zip her pants up, but can’t figure out how to zip her jackets yet. It’s probably because you have to match the zipper up with a jacket.

Ride a bike with training wheels

Riding a bike scares Skylar a little bit. She is kind of a baby when it comes to getting hurt and so she has some anxiety about the bike tipping over. She has gotten a lot better over the summer and she will finally ride her bike to the park down the road. I just raised the training wheels so she can get used to it being wobbly. She wasn’t very happy with me, but we will practice! I would also recommend starting out with a tricycle. It is a great way for them to practice pedaling. We have this one here and love it. It starts out as something you can push your child in when they are younger, and then it can convert into a tricycle when they are older.

Fold some clothes

She loves being a helper around the house and I think this is so great! She will help me sort socks, fold pants and shirts the best she can and folds the washcloths. She also helps me put them away!

Put away her toys

Sky doesn’t like to pick up her toys and usually complains that she can’t do it, but I know she can. I usually end up helping her because I think she gets overwhelmed with how much she has to pick up. I will usually hand her things and tell her to put it where it belongs which helps.

Draw a picture of a person

I think my little girl is going to be an artist! She definitely got my creativity. She loves coloring and doing crafts. If I draw something, she can usually draw it too! One day she gave me a picture of what she drew and I could instantly tell it was a butterfly! I was very impressed.

Wash dishes

My four year old loves helping me wash the dishes. I usually have to go back and wash them again, but at least she is willing to help. I think the household is so much better when kids are willing to help out and not forced to.

Work the Kindle

I am amazed at what my child can do with technology! She has her own kids Kindle that her great aunt gave her and she loves it. She knows exactly how to work it too. If you are looking for an inexpensive tablet, I highly recommend this thing. You can download Netflix and a bunch of kids learning games.

Find her show on Netflix

She is starting to get better at using the TV but still needs some help. She knows how to start up netflix, pick which character she wants to watch and knows how to start it.

Brush her teeth

This is something most kids can do by themselves at the age of 4, but they usually need some help with the toothpaste. Skylar has a stool so she can reach the sink, and she has a really fun toothbrush which helps.

Comb her hair

She is really good about combing her hair, and she has a ton of it! I usually have to help her get the back, but she does a great job with this. As a hair stylist, I highly recommend a wet brush and some detangling spray for kids with a lot of hair.

Water plants

So I made this vegetable garden this summer and I’m not much of a gardener. Well, it didn’t hold up very well because I have no idea what I’m doing which is fine. Skylar had to remind me every day that we needed to check on the plants to see if we needed to water them. This is another great way for kids to help out around the house. She also has her own gardening tools that she can use so she feels like a big girl!

Buckle her seat belt

I love this one! Now that she is big enough, she can buckle and unbuckle her seat belt. Of course we had a big talk about how we only unbuckle when mommy says it’s okay because she was trying to do it when we were driving. She understands that we have to be safe in the car so it works out now. It is so nice that I don’t have to help her get in anymore, especially in the dead cold of winter here in Minnesota!


What can your child do that amazes you? Leave me a comment below and share with me, I love hearing stories about kids. Thanks for stopping by.