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Whether you have kids or not, Christmas is a very special holiday. I love the holidays so much because my family gets together multiple times and there is just so much joy in the year. I love everything about Christmas from the carols to the gingerbread houses.  I want to share with you some holiday traditions my family has as well as some that I would love to start with my little family. I want my daughter to understand why we celebrate Christmas and I want these days to be the most memorable like it was for me.

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Make a gingerbread house

This is something I love about Christmas time! Gingerbread houses are so fun to make, and sneak a little candy from. Buy one here, get the family together and start building.

Set up the tree together

This is probably one of my favorite childhood memories. Every year in my family, we would set up our Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving. It was such a special time for us. We would laugh at all of our ornaments and talk about previous Christmas memories. My parents would always play some Christmas music and we would just make a day out of it. I remember feeling so warm and cozy for the holidays.

Go to a Christmas show


This is a picture of us at Disney on Ice last year. This is definitely a must see if you have kids. Skylar loved it! Check your local theatres or high schools for other Christmas shows. We also go to ours at church and this is always a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

Look at Christmas lights

I remember when the whole family would get in the car and we would drive around for an hour just looking at Christmas lights. This is definitely a tradition I want to do with my daughter.

Go to a Christmas parade or other local event

There are some cities that do Christmas parades. We use to have the Holidazzle parade in Minneapolis which was very fun but then they got rid of it which was a huge disappointment. It had a ton of Christmas lights and it was so much fun.

Go Christmas shopping

I love picking out gifts for other people and I think Christmas shopping is so much fun.

Wrap presents together

I really do love wrapping presents, and it is so much fun to wrap them once you have your own kids. I get so excited and I usually can’t wait for Skylar to open them once I wrap them.

Read Christmas stories

Snuggling up in bed with your little one and a good Christmas book is a great way to end a night.

Bake cookies

Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly bakes Christmas cookies? Oh-em-ge YUMMM I cannot wait.

Write a letter to Santa

Check out to write one! They also have a bunch of other fun activities for kids.

Elf on a shelf

I don’t have one yet, but this is definitely a fun tradition I want to start. Buy yours here. Also, check out these genius Elf on a Shelf ideas from Smart School House.

Watch Christmas movies

In our family we watch movies such as, Miracle on 34th street, Elf, The Santa Clause, and Christmas Vacation.

Visit Santa

I think it is so funny how some kids absolutely HATE Santa and others love him. When Sky was a baby, she let Santa hold her and we got the most adorable picture ever. I will have to find it and show you guys because it is seriously amazing. She didn’t cry and she is just sitting there with her hands folded looking so peaceful. Now that she is older she is a little hesitant and shy to sit on his lap.

Go ice skating


Make Santa pancakes

How fun is this! I am definitely making these for Skylar this Christmas.


via Taste of Japan

Make Christmas cards

It’s fun to get a bunch of Christmas stickers and make cards for friends and family. I remember doing this a lot as a kid and I know that Skylar likes to do crafts so we will  definitely be continuing this tradition.

Listen to Christmas songs

Whether it’s on the radio or you have a CD, there is nothing like listening to Christmas music to get you in the holiday cheer!

Make hot cocoa


Have an ugly sweater party

My mom will hate me for sharing this but before ugly Christmas sweaters were a thing, she had a ton of Christmas sweaters that she wore! HA It is so funny, but that is totally how I remember my mom during the holidays. Apparently it used to be the style and now it still is, but in a different way…

Build a snowman

If you don’t have snow where you live, then obviously you can’t do this one. It’s so fun when the first snowfall comes to go outside and build a snowman. My daughter is finally at the age where this is going to be super exciting!

Take family pictures

Family pictures always seem to be a disaster, but also hilarious in our family. We have a pretty big family so to get everyone together to get a good picture is a struggle. It is always fun to look back on these though!

Go sledding

Again, sorry if you don’t have snow. You are missing out. Sledding is a super fun way to get the kids outside. Make sure you get the blow up tubes like this one here. They go so fast! I am so excited to go sledding this year.

Click HERE to get a fun printable check list and make sure you do everything on the list to make a memorable Christmas!



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  • We’ve had our Christmas traditions over the years, but now that my children are getting older, it’s nice to hear which ones they find most special. Some of their favorites are listening to Christmas music (I put the radio on the Holly channel and it pretty much non-stop from Thanksgiving through Christmas,) driving around looking at Christmas lights, Christmas shopping together, and when we’re able to find a good one, going to a Christmas concert or play. We also usually host Christmas each year and they love having all the family come over to eat and open gifts.

    • Bridget Halvorson

      That sounds like so much fun! I love driving around looking at Christmas lights as well. People in my neighborhood have gotten so into it lately so it’s fun to see what they will add this year.

  • Toni

    Great ideas. It is easy to get tied up in all the to-do items for the holidays. It is important to remember making memories because they last so much longer than the other things.

    • Bridget Halvorson

      So true! The holidays are such a busy time.