Top Knot And Camo Pants

Dressing up my daughter is one of my main hobbies. She literally dresses better than I do and I’m totally okay with that!  Having a little girl is so much fun. We have a lot of tutus for this kiddo and she loves it. I am so glad I have my girly girl. I was curling my hair the other day and of course she wanted me to do hers too. I gave her a few waves, added a top knot and look how cute it turned out! She usually doesn’t let me do her hair. If you were to see her during the week, you would see a whole bunch of crazy on top of her head. She throws the biggest fit when I try to brush out her tangles and it’s just not worth the fight at 7 AM.

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I never thought we would ever have camo in our house, but her great aunt bought her these pants and they are super cute! The go great with her green military style jacket. 

I am also in love with these rose gold sparkly high tops! I saw them on H&M online and I had to buy them. You can find similar ones here or here.Unfortunately, she got them dirty on the first day she wore them. Oh well…

This girl keeps me on my toes. She is very sassy and thinks she runs the house so we are working on disciplining her more but it is so hard! Especially when she is so goofy. It’s hard not to laugh sometimes. I am hoping she will let me do more hairstyles because I would love to do a blog post on my favorite little girl hair styles. Wish us luck!

Dress Like Skylar

H&M Pile-Lined High Tops

Carter’s Lightweight Jacket

Levi’s Camo Leggings

Oshkosh Heart Shirt